Activity Bus Schedule

An after school activity bus run has been established for our elementary level The bus will be available on Mondays and Wednesdays. It will depart from Sinking Springs at 4:35 and take the following route:
1st stop – Foxtail and Wexford 4:37
2nd stop – Olmstead and Pampas 4:39
3rd stop – Hearthridge and Woodmont (east) 4:41
4th stop – Susquehanna Trail & Woodmont 4:43
5th stop – Early Learning Center 4:46
6th stop – N. Duke St. and East 8th Avenue 4:50
7th stop – Willow Ridge N and Narnia Dr. 4:58
8th stop – Sarazen Way 4:59
9th stop – Martingale and Futurity 5:02
10th stop – Stonehenge and Wicklow (east) 5:07
11th stop – Guildford and Aylesbury 5:08
12th stop – Detwiler and Cherry Hills 5:11
13th stop – Hackberry and Redbud 5:14
14th stop – Susquehanna Trail and Church Road 5:18
The times listed for each stop are approximate and dependent upon the numbers of students actually riding each day.